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Does your Student Journey meet the expectations of new generation of school leavers of 2019?

Can all your student information and documents be conveniently accessed by your student administrators and case workers? Are documents stored according to UK Data Protection legislation (GDPR)? Do Students have access to the right self-service portals?



Institutions of Higher Education share many of their back office functions with those of modern enterprise, such as Human Resources, Accounts Payable | Receivable, Legal, etc. However, in addition to that Universities and Further Education Colleges must cope with an annual or sometimes bi-annual turnover of thousands of customers – their students. For many this can be a slow and time-consuming process.

Once students are registered and on-boarded their information is held in different systems and in some cases as physical copies. Fast and convenient access coupled with document security and properly policed retention are often lacking. As a result, admissions processes are slow and ongoing student services inefficient.

There are key challenges around the student’s data and documents that now arise from modern data protection and GDPR laws. Those are often addressed in an ad-hoc and piece-meal fashion. Ask yourself: Are all data and related documents stored securely and retained only for the time required? Are GDPR Subject Access Request achievable without much or any manual intervention?

In addition to student-related document and data requirements, universities and further education colleges cover areas, such as: Human ResourcesAccounts Payable and Fee Management, Legal & Contracts and Estates, which are often still manual and paper driven.

Why use OnBase  – a Content Services Platform – to help meet the above challenges?

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OnBase is a is a point-and-click configurable platform that can manage any number of document types as well as related business processes. There is no coding required. Integrations exist for many Enterprise Systems currently in use in Higher Education such as PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP, SQL, etc.

OnBase at its core is a document management platform. It supports any imaginable document capabilities, such as retention policies, version control, extensive access and manipulation reporting capabilities and document timers. Document timers allow an expiration time to be added to a document triggering workflows to take action in response to an expiry.

OnBase integrates and enhances core Enterprise applications and systems, typically of a transactional and data-centric nature, such as HR, ERP, Accounts or CRM. OnBase complements and integrates with those. Many of those core systems lack meaningful document, data capture and workflow capabilities or the multitude of access options from native mobile apps to HTML 5 customer interfaces as well as the ease of configurability that OnBase offers.

The OnBase Studio allows trained administrators to create a myriad of workflow and approval processes. Workflows are triggered by internal or external events, whether by an incoming invoice or by creating a new record in a linked HR system. OnBase workflows allow for strict enforcement of approval processes and requirements, with decision making helped by ease of access to supporting documentation – cross-referenced and linked.

OnBase Checklists for Process Control use a checklist approach to facilitate effective process completion while supporting quality control objectives. 

The OnBase platform provides one of the most sophisticated, AI-driven data capture engine to extract and validate information from scanned paper and electronic documents – Brainware by Hyland. Brainware can be trained to automatically categorise documents and to understand and evaluate their content.

Brainware is not a forms-based extraction engine! The best example is invoice processing, which comes as a pre-trained solution and will detect, correctly extract and validate data on any invoice, no matter in what country or in what language it was produced!

OnBase offers user interfaces from feature-rich, thick desktop clients to responsive HTML5 Web Interfaces. OnBase comes with Apps for a wide range of modern tablet and hand-held devices, including iOS, Android and Windows.

OnBase is designed with true Enterprise scalability and security in mind. It can be deployed as a small single server solution or in a scalable multi-tiered, multi-server configuration.

In addition, your system can be deployed to the Hyland Cloud and hosting and licenses paid for as a service. The Hyland Cloud is a reliable, privately-managed, secure platform that is custom-designed to serve as the hosting platform for OnBase and Hyland’s cloud-based applications.

Typical Areas of Application in an Higher Education setting

“Before OnBase, it took our operations staff 4 weeks to process applications. Now, it takes only 1.5 weeks. Our savings add up to $140,000 every year with OnBase.”


– Kelly A. Walter, Assistant VP & Executive Director of Admissions, Boston University


Download a Solutions overview: onbase-education-solution-summary-admissions-review.pdf (59 downloads)


Student Registration

Provide your students with a fully featured, HTML5 Web Registration Wizard to provide their personal details as well as supporting documentation. Supplied documents are automatically indexed and stored in the OnBase backend, with the correct access and retention policies applied. Completed registrations are moved into an Approval queue for verification by case-workers. Once approved a linked Student Information System such as Banner or PeopleSoft is updated

Transcript Processing 

Automatically sort (classify) all incoming transcripts, regardless of type and format. Capture specific data without defining templates, zones, anchors or specific keywords. Reconcile captured data against your SIS. Deliver fast and accurate transfer credit reports by validating coursework against your institution’s articulation database. Integrate with your student information system

One Student Record

One of the most important aspects of creating “one student record” is making it easy for your staff to access it. OnBase achieves this by integrating with all your other systems, allowing staff to access the complete student record no matter what application they use. With real-time and near-real-time communications, OnBase is able to display up-to-date information without duplicate data or data entry in systems.


“Instead of two offices having to physically touch and manually evaluate the same transcript, the Admissions office is able to use the work from the Registrar office to admit students much faster.”


– Robin Carr, Director of Academic Records, University of Arkansas


Estates Management

Manage Estates related documents such as plans, maps, contracts, correspondence and many others. Author and approve contracts with construction suppliers. Register and manage repair cases, including evidential documents, quotes for repairs, proof of completion and resulting invoices. Have all documentation at your fingertips and use cross-referencing to find and review related documents.

Recruitment & HR

Create a single staff file with all staff related documents, from job offers, employment contracts and others. Manage grievances, incidents, performance improvement plans and employee leave.

Manage the application, interview and hiring process. Track applicant resumes and recommendations. Create offer letters and route for approval. Further Information.

Policies & Procedures

Creation, approval and distribution of University policies and procedures. Report on acknowledgements. Quickly identify delinquent users and send reminders. Further information.

“We expected it would be an AP application only. We had no idea we’d go from nine users to 900 in less than two years. Overall, we’ve saved more than $2.9 million, mostly in paper costs alone.”


– Tim Arthur, IT director, Emerson Climate Technologies


Vendor Management Portal

Let your vendors register and provide all supporting documents online. Create workflow processes to validate vendor information and to approve vendor onboarding. Exchange contracts, quotation requests, quotations, purchase orders, invoices and other supporting documentation. Benefit from a single place to communicate with vendors.

Accounts Payable

Process incoming invoices – either scanned from paper or submitted via the Vendor Portal. Extract and validate invoice information, including line items, vendor details, etc. Pre-approve invoices against purchase orders in your ERP system. Route invoices into the appropriate approval queue. Further Information.