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Are your employee documents stored securely and retention managed correctly?  Is the HR file complete across the board? Do you meet your compliance obligations under the UK Data Protection Act 2018 (GDPR)?

Do you know who has read and understood your organisation’s policies and procedures? Are you prepared for an audit?


The Essence of our offering:

“Take your ordinary HR IS and add custom fields, custom document types, document capture and retention, custom processes and workflows as well as policies & procedures adminstration –  all taylored to your organisation’s needs –
that’s your very own HR Solution – built with OnBase!

We can complement your existing HRIS solution or build a new one from scratch – with no coding. “

Employee Files and Records

Application & Recruitment Management

Employee Onboarding & Checklists

Time and Attendance Management

Performance Review and Management

Policies and Procedures Administration

Core Human Resource Record

Employee Files and Records – Filing Cabinet

Electronically store and manage all critical employee documents and records. 

  • Filling Cabinet is auto created when a document is uploaded for a new employee
  • Allows to identify and report on missing documents
  • Etc.

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Core Human Resource Record 

At the core of any HR Solution sits the HRIS. This component stores all employee personal and organisational data.

  • Employee personal information, contact details and next of kin
  • Organisational details such as job title, department, manager, start date, etc
  • Pay and remuneration details
  • Benefits and motor allowances
  • Holiday and time off

Application & Recruitment Management

Many understaffed HR teams are dealing with large numbers of applicants for a multitude of vacancies. Processes for dealing with applicants are onerous, but often manual. Through automation, an OnBase HR solution can greatly reduce the burden of those processes.

  1. Allow applicants to use online forms to apply and provide personal documents (CV, cover letter, etc)
  2. Automatic ‘Thank you for your application’ email
  3. Multi-stage approval and interview scheduling processes with simple, work-queue based interfaces for HR managers
  4. Management of all applicant documents

Employee Onboarding & Checklists

An OnBase solution can help you manage all processes and tasks required to onboard a new member of staff.

Create an electronic checklist of pre-requisite tasks that make up the onboarding or offboarding processes. Assign tasks to different users. Set deadlines and pursue compliance. Define the entire process and ensure it is completed in a timely manner.

Time and Attendance Management

An OnBase HR solution can provide all the processes to allow employees and supervisors to effectively manage any sort of leave, travel and sick leave.

  • Track all absences
  • Provide forms to employees to apply for leave
  • Implement custom approval processes for leave

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Performance Reviews and Management

Manage all processes and documents around performance appraisals 

  • Create custom performance appraisal forms
  • Create workflows that allow information to flow between the manager and the employee
  • Record and track all activities and documents

Policies and Procedures Administration

Create auditable processes around the creation, distribution and acceptance by employees of policies and procedures

  • Create and approve new policy and procedures documents
  • Create and configure Reading Groups for specific policies. Define how and how quickly users must acknowledge policies – Simple ‘Accept’ button, password, short questionaire to ensure policy was actually read, etc.
  • Define how quicly and often deliqients are reminded
  • Provide tracking and auditing dashboards to assist with external audits.

Already operate an HRIS?

Does your core HR system provide a complete view of the employee?

You’ve invested in a core HRIS or HCM system to manage key data and operations — everything from your employees’ personal information to applicant tracking and payroll data.

But you have critical related content — from applicant correspondence and resumes to tax forms and employee contracts — that these systems can’t effectively manage. This leaves your HR sta without easy access to all the information required to make decisions, manage processes and provide exceptional service to employees.

Core HR System

  • Personal Information
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Employment History
  • Compensation History
  • Skills & Talents

Related Employment Content

  • Resumes / CVs
  • Passports, Visas, IDs
  • Offer Letters & Correspondence
  • Tax Forms
  • Contracts
  • Policies & Procedures

What if you could complete the picture?

OnBase connects the data in your core HR systems to related personnel documents outside. OnBase complements your core HR systems, providing HR staff with a complete view of the employee information they need, when and where they need it.

OnBase centralizes all types of critical content and connects it to the data in your core HR systems, providing users with instant access to all relevant information directly from their familiar system interface.

OnBase displays the related content within the core HR system user interface.

If you like to find out more about how an OnBase HR Solution can benefit your organisation contact us: