Vendor Management Solutions


Build better relationships with your suppliers, whilst reducing risks and ensuring compliance

A Vendor Management solution will ensure control and manageability of all vendor processes and information exchanges. You define your own onboarding processes and document requirements. Vendors gain visibility of their supplied documents and their status within your Accounts Payable processes. You gain comprehensive Reporting Dashboards to cover each and every interaction and process! 

Self Register and Onboard

Create a login: Portal provides self-service registration form. Login creation requires admin approval.

Upload required documents: New vendor uploads all required documentation, from trade references and insurance certificates to quality certifications, bank references, proposed Terms and Conditions and others.

Verification: Manager checks and verifies all supplied documents. New vendor submission is approved or rejected.

Exchange Contracts

Propose Contracts: Both parties exchange contracts and terms and conditions. Legal and AP departments negotiate.

Agree Contracts: Parties agree terms of trade and payments terms.

Sign Contracts: Contracts are signed by authorised individuals and exchanged

Upload vendor details: Upload approved new vendor’s details to accounts or ERP system

Communicate & Announce

Communicate: Provide a platform for individual communications, for example, complaints, vendor enquiries or quote requests

Early Payment Bids: Vendors are prompted to bid for early payment in return for additional discounts.

Announce: Distribute announcements to all registered vendors, such as changes to contact details, change of staff, etc.

Satisfaction Questionnaires

Exchange Quotes, POs and Invoices

Request Quotes: Client publishes request for quotes from relevant vendors

Supply Quotes: Relevant vendors upload quotations.

Provide PO to Vendor: Client selects vendor and provided purchase order (requisition) details

Upload supporting documents: Vendor uploads delivery documentation and other supporting information

Upload Invoices: Vendor uploads invoice for a sale

Measure and Report

Report on key trade parameters: Internal reporting on key financial indicators, such as average time to payment, creditor totals, etc.

Vendor-specific Information: Vendor can review list and progress of all ongoing transactions, creditor totals, etc.

Custom Functionality

Work with us to define and build your very own solution and features!

This is a typical external vendor interface that comes with an OnBase Vendor Management solution. HTML with fully responsive design.

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